Certified Nurse Aide (FT)

The purpose of this position is to provide patient care and home maintenance interventions, under the clinical supervision of a registered nurse, as identified in the patient's plan of care, and in accordance with organization policies and procedures. Maintains flexibility in schedule and responds to unexpected patient care needs and changes in workload and location of work as directed. This position is supervised as designated on the agency organizational chart.
Employment Status: Full-Time, Hourly
Typical Hours of Employment: Thursday-Saturday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Employment Location: Valley Falls, Kansas
Required Application Materials: Resume, Online Application, Certification
Essential Duties & Responsibilities
Utilizes effective communication skills to act as a companion and provide emotional support to patients and caregivers.
Utilizes interpersonal skills that promote interdisciplinary collaboration and communication.
Demonstrates a working knowledge of various developmental stages.
Identifies need for intervention by other members of the IDT on an ongoing basis and reports same to primary nurse.
Provides input into interdisciplinary evaluation of the effectiveness of care.
Is sensitive to the stressors experienced by colleagues.
Seeks opportunities for professional growth, including demonstrating the ability to accept direction from professional staff of all disciplines and to receive constructive performance feedback.
Attends a minimum of three hours of continuing education programs per calendar quarter.
Participates in the orientation of new members of the IDT and students.
Transports participants, subject to assignment and meeting of appropriate transportation competencies.
Performs and/or assists the patient with personal care activities according to the Plan of Care, including but not limited to hygiene, mobility, and elimination.
Performs and/or assists the patient/family with home maintenance activities according to Plan of Care including but not limited to light housekeeping and meal preparation.
Performs support activities as indicated on the Home Health Aide plan of care including but not limited to supporting independence, providing companionship, and providing respite for families.
Establishes therapeutic relationships with patients and families from a variety of cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Provides emotional support to patients and families in a manner that fosters independence and affirms existing strengths.
Reports to primary nurse on a regular basis and whenever changes in patient condition warrant.
Articulates and consistently utilizes universal precautions and use of specialized personal protective gear as appropriate to patient diagnosis.
Maintains competencies to perform patient care tasks such as, but not limited to: bed bath, shower, change of bed linens, patient transfers, oral care, Foley catheter, etc.
Cleans durable medical equipment as necessary.
Documents care provided and the response of the patient/family per agency policy.
Participates in departmental and/or agency-wide quality improvement activities.
Participates in performance improvement activities.
Participates in Marketing and Fundraising Activities.
Manages time effectively to encompass direct patient care, meetings, continuing education and documentation of care delivery.
Follows agency procedures/standards for productivity, attendance, use of PTO and approval of overtime.
The Midland Way
Other Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Carries out the mission and values of Midland. Articulates Midland Philosophy. Demonstrates a willingness to assist in patient/client and family care as needed. Respects the autonomy and right of confidentiality of patients/clients and families. Demonstrates good customer service the Midland Way at all times. Participates in performance improvement activities. Demonstrates ability to work collaboratively with other staff. Comes to work in neat, clean attire and consistently presents an appropriately professional appearance. Comes to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrates dependability and punctuality. Understands the organization's computer system(s) and the software(s) used within the department as applicable to this position. Serves as a Universal Employee and accepts assigned duties in a cooperative manner. Performs all duties as assigned in an effective manner. Understands and demonstrates compliance with Midland policies and procedures.
Current Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) certification. Must possess a valid Kansas Driver's License, in force automobile liability insurance and maintain a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) that meets organization's insurability standard as defined by Midland policy, if driving is required. Availability of reliable transportation may be required for this position. If driving is required, the employee must be at least 21 years of age or older, as required by insurance company underwriting standards. Have a minimum of one year of experience working with the frail or elderly population.
Preferred: One year experience preferred.
Physical Demands
Must be able to continuously sit, stand and walk, climb stairs, and remain in uncomfortable positions for prolonged periods of time. Must have visual acuity sufficient to continuously note changes in non-verbal communication of patients, families, and others. Must have hearing acuity sufficient to hear verbal instructions and communication from clients, respond to emergency alarms, and answer the telephone. Must be able to concentrate on moderate details with frequent interruptions, attend to specific functions for 10-25 minutes, remember multiple tasks and assignments over an 8-hour period, and understand and relate specific ideas and concepts. Must be able to deal effectively with stress, patients and their families, multiple tasks, noise, interruptions, and emotional loss, and to work cooperatively with other members of the interdisciplinary team while maintaining a pleasant and professional demeanor. Must be able to travel to and access patient homes where conditions may be adverse due to weather, environment, or patients' lifestyles. Manual dexterity is helpful in being able to use the computer keyboard and equipment.
HIPAA Security Class
? Clerical/Clinical: Access to medical records to modify or create. No access to billing or software maintenance.
Exposure Control Category
Category I: This position has the inherent potential for mucous membrane or skin contact with body substance, or a potential for spills or splashes of them. Employees in these positions must follow the Preventative Measures as established by the Midland Care Exposure Control Plan.
Equipment Used
Personal computer, telephone, Blackberry (for some positions), motor vehicle, FAX machine, medical equipment as identified to perform assigned interventions.
Work Environment
Individual must be able to travel to patient homes where conditions may be adverse due to weather, environment, or patients' lifestyles. Individual must wear appropriate business attire and spends virtually all of the time inside.

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